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The event is the oldest and most widely used marketing tool in the world - and undoubtedly the most effective. Thorough meetings have been held throughout the world, and people have always been dealt with and told about new winds. The world is changing at a steep pace, but still encountering all the other media on its board in terms of efficiency. All the research and surveys we have undergone undoubtedly reveal the fact that event marketing has never played such a big role in marketing as today.

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With Event Marketing, you strengthen your company's image and brand and important customer relationships in a planned way! Designed and managed by a professional event organizer, the event leaves a memory footprint that will not be forgotten and will therefore serve your company's long-term marketing. The event is an effective way to influence. The power of the event is based on a comprehensive visitor experience. The deeper the experience of the event, the more stable the memory footprint. On the other hand, the visitor experience, "Wau", can also arise from a single issue at the event.

Awesome Works

Baltic PM Days 2018 (Tallinn)

Past Events

150 participants, 2 days, 2 parallel sessions, international


Baltic PM Days 2019 Latvia

Coming Events

ITSMF Estonia Yearly Conference 2019

Coming Events

AGILE- PM Days 2019 Tallinn

Coming Events

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